It is constituted within the scientific branches of the Academy, a structure known as the ” Academic Arts Institute “, responsible for the development of artistic creation, for devoting special attention to the arts and to the authentic Moroccan artistic heritage, in all its various aspects and forms, for promoting it, and for ensuring its preservation and enhancement by all available means.

To this end, the Institute carries out the following tasks:

  • to promote, sustain and disseminate authentic artistic creations;
  • organize Art exhibitions of the artistic creations and productions;
  • Allocate appropriate attention to the authentic Moroccan artistic heritage in its various cultural expressions, in particular by:
    • Organizing national, regional and international encounters and events to highlight and promote Moroccan artistic creativity, highlighting aspects of its diversity and the multiplicity of its components;
    • the conduct of studies and research on the history of Moroccan arts, the history of its development and the emphasis on its value and the means to promote it;
    • Contributing to the implementation of reference standards that define the methods of its classification, its documentation, its preservation and its conservation;
    • the creation of a national Award in the name of the Academy to distinguish artistic works that stand out for their creativity;
  • to administer the artistic properties of the Academy and those at its disposal, including the art collections, and to work for their preservation and up-keep;
  • to provide various aspects of assistance and expertise to public authorities and competent bodies in order to direct their attention to art education, to further develop and promote it and to include it in the basic framework of the national education system;
  • to supply advice and technical expertise to public authorities in its field of expertise, either at their request or on its sole initiative;
  • to set up partnerships with bodies and institutions pursuing the same goals in the Institute’s field of expertise, with a view to exchanging know-how and carrying out joint programs.

The Academic Arts Institute is formed by the following bodies:

  • the Director of the Institute;
  • the Internal Council;
  • the Specialized Commissions.