The Academy’s Art Institute is a division of the Academy responsible for the development and promotion of the arts, in particular the arts of Morocco, both traditional and modern, and for actions towards their preservation, development and outreach.

To this end, the Institute will,

  • Foster and expand artistic creation and innovation
  • Host Art exhibits, music and stage productions and performances
  • Promote the original Moroccan artistic heritage in its various expressions, in particular by
    • Organizing national, regional and international events to highlight Moroccan artistic creativity, showcase its diversity and multiplicity of its sources;
    • Conduct studies and research on the history of Moroccan Art, its current evolution, and on the ways and means to broaden knowledge of that field;
    • Contribute to the definition of standards of reference on methods of classification, documentation, preservation and conservation; 
    • Create a national Award on behalf of the Academy to recognize outstanding artists and artistic achievements;
  • To curate the Academy’s own art collection (including loans and works in its trusteeship), administer, evaluate, maintain and preserve its holdings;  
  • Provide assistance and expertise to government departments and relevant organizations to enhance art education and help develop art curricula throughout the national educational system;
  • Offer advice and technical expertise to government departments in its areas of expertise, either at their request or as recommendations;
  • Set up partnerships in the Institute’s fields of expertise with national and international organizations and institutions pursuing similar goals, to exchange know-how and carry out joint programs;
  • The Academy’s Art Institute is made up of 
    • The Director of the Institute, 
    • The Internal Council,
    • Specialized units.