The Higher Academic Authority for Translation is established as a division within the Academy in order to foster, promote, and broaden the scope of translation, to and from Arabic, Amazigh and world languages, in the Kingdom and outside.

To this aim, it will 

  • Conduct and supervise translation activities of original scientific research and reference publications in the various fields in Science and the Humanities;
  • Promote research on questions concerning translation and its applications, and work towards progress in the field, in coordination and partnership with specialized national and international scholarly bodies and institutions, in particular, through the creation of specialized research units in the field of applied translation and language interaction;
  • Set up research and study groups on specific issues of translation and seek the means to promote innovation on the various scholarly dimensions of the field;
  • Convene national and international meetings on the theory and practice of translation involving both noted practitioners and scholars dealing with theoretical issues, and facilitate exchanges between them, with a view to improving and broadening the scope of translation;
  • Under the aegis of the Academy, oversee the publication of translations of major scientific works the Academy will decide to publish;
  • Institute a national award on behalf of the Academy to recognize the best publications in the field of translation;
  • Establish scientific partnerships with national and international institutions pursuing similar objectives in order to promote exchange of theories, practice and expertise

The Higher Academic Authority for Translation is made up of :

  • The Director, 
  • The Advisory Board
  • Specialized scientific units.