Members of the Academy

The academic status is permanent; it is a dignitary position; it can end only by death or, in exceptional cases, by resignation or destitution.
Only associate members, in case of definitive impediment, may resign. The Academy has then to decide, by a voting procedure, on the acceptance or rejection of this resignation. In the event of acceptation, it may confer on the resigning member the title of Honorary Academician, before proceeding with his replacement.

The Academy has to give the strictest attention to the election of its new Members, and its decisions shall be made, above all other considerations, solely on the basis of due respect for the spirit in which it was founded and for the objectives assigned to it by its Founder. The Academy’s prestige and renown are essentially dependent on the reputation and value of its Members.

A vacancy shall be announced forty days after the death of the seat holder. In case of an accepted resignation, the vacancy shall be declared immediately; and the same would apply if the Academy had to declare a dismissal.
Candidates for a Resident Member’s seat must make themselves known by applying, in writing, to the Permanent Secretary within four months of the seat being declared vacant. The committee in charge will examine the candidacies and draw up a report in the light of which the Academy may refuse the recording of candidacies which are clearly of an insufficient nature.