The Academy also includes the Royal Institute of the History of Morocco.
The Royal Institute for Research on the History of Morocco is a scientific establishment responsible for conducting research on the history of Morocco and for promoting knowledge of its past both close and distant in view of anchoring the Moroccan identity, and strengthening the collective memory as well as opening up to other different historical partners.

To ensure this, the Institute’s mission is to ensure the following tasks:

  • Promotion and dissemination of the historical background of the kingdom;
  • Promoting academic studies related to the history of Morocco and building up archives and documentary funds related to this field;
  • The elaboration and implementation of various programs, projects and scientific activities on the history of Morocco and its cultural heritage and their dissemination upon approval by the Academic Assembly;
  • Preparation of documents for young people as well as writings in several languages for the use of the Moroccans Expats;
  • Utilization of different communication tools, in particular the historical Museums, travelling Exhibitions, Symposiums and Scientific events;
  • Promotion of the cooperation with the national and international institutions and research bodies in order to share experiences and carry out joint projects of research.

The Royal Moroccan Institute for Research on the History of Morocco is formed by the following bodies:

  • The Director of the Institute;
  • The Scientific Council;
  • The Research and Scientific Study Teams.