The Academy, as a national higher scientific institution of reference, is responsible for contributing to the intellectual, scientific and cultural evolution of the Kingdom. It also works, in the light of the constitutional references and the general orientations of the State, to disseminate the components of the national identity via its various constituents and through its members and to spread universal values and concepts aimed at establishing a fruitful dialogue among different cultures and civilizations.

To this end, the Academy keeps on carrying out its intellectual, scientific and cultural mission by all available means. and particularly by:

  • the investigation and study of all intellectual and scientific topics submitted by His Majesty the King to the Academy;
  • The contribution to the advancement, development and promotion of scientific research in various fields of knowledge, thinking, and culture, within the limits of the authority assigned to other institutions and organizations;
  • Mobilizing national, Foreign or international renowned intellectual and scientific authorities in the field of their specialties and encouraging them to participate in the scientific and cultural activities that are organized by the Academy, within the framework of an awareness of the different intellectual sources and cultural practices;
  • contributing to making known the cultural, intellectual and the artistic Heritage of human civilizations in its several forms, and in particular of the Moroccan civilization, within the framework of its own programs and projects or in association with national, foreign or international institutions and organizations pursuing similar objectives;
  • the promotion of cultural creativity in all its forms, particularly Moroccan creativity, and endeavor to make it known and valued;
  • Organizing national and international scientific and intellectual gatherings, events and seminars on a regular basis to shed light on the issues currently arising in contemporary society, to contribute to the analysis of their dimensions and explore their future prospects, in view of the changes that contemporary civilization is undergoing;
  • the organization of world meetings of academics from different parts of the world in order to build bridges of communication between them and to consolidate the values of dialogue and understanding between cultures;
  • the creation of scientific chairs specialized in the study of cultural and intellectual issues and the organization of their activities and programs;
  • the creation of prizes and awards to honor eminent personalities, distinguished scientific and intellectual works and outstanding artistic creations, to be awarded according to criteria of merit and excellence;
  • the submission of any proposal or recommendation to public authorities and bodies, in particular those responsible for education, training, culture and scientific research, with a view to encouraging the development of knowledge and intellectual and artistic creativity and the progress and promotion of scientific research;
  • contributing to the dissemination of distinguished scientific works, on behalf of the Academy, and encouraging scientists, thinkers and researchers to produce knowledge and its circulation by all available means;
  • Contributing to the understanding of the history of Morocco through the backing, promotion and publication of research and surveys in the field;
  • Contributing to and encouraging the translation of books, studies and scientific research of reference in the field of competence of the Academy;
  • Contributing to the development of artistic creation and to give full attention to the Arts and the authentic Moroccan artistic heritage through its effluents and expressions;
  • Establishing cooperation partnerships with national, foreign and international scientific bodies and institutions, pursuing similar objectives for the realization of joint projects and programs and the exchange of expertise.