The Royal Institute for Research on the History of Morocco is a specialized division of the Academy responsible for the production and transmission of knowledge on the history of Morocco from prehistoric times to the present. In collaboration with different historical institutional partners, it works toward anchoring Moroccan identity in its past and to strengthen collective memory, 

The mission of the Institute is

  • Produce and disseminate historical knowledge on the Kingdom;
  • Promote academic studies relating to the history of Morocco, contribute to develop the national historical archive and to build up documentary collections related to the field;
  • Elaborate and manage various programs, projects and scientific activities on the history of Morocco and its cultural heritage and ensure their broad publication and distribution in accordance with Academic policy; 
  • Elaborate educational material and resources on Moroccan history and heritage for the young, as well as for members of the Moroccan diaspora; 
  • Use appropriate outreach materials and events, including historical museums and traveling  exhibitions, lectures, and public scientific events 
  • Promote exchange and collaboration with national and international institutions and research entities on joint research projects;

The Royal Institute for Research on the History of Morocco is administered by 

  • The Director of the Institute
  • The Scientific Council
  • Specialized research teams.